preparing for dental implants, dental implant surgery

Once our patients have scheduled their dental implant procedure, there are several steps and measures that we advise they take. Here are the guidelines to follow.

For All Patients:

1. Remove Your Dentures, Jewelry, Contact Lenses

This includes ear, facial, and tongue jewelry. Both partial and complete dentures must be removed. Do not wear make-up! 

2. If You Feel Sick, Please Notify Us

If you have an illness such as a cold, sore throat, stomach or bowel aches, or fever, let us know. You shouldn’t go into surgery while under the weather.

3. Check With Dr. Brown About Your Routine Medications

If you take routine oral medications, please inform Dr. Brown prior to the date of your dental implant surgery. Check with your doctor as well.

For Patients Having Enteral Conscious Sedation or IV Sedation

4. Don’t Eat or Drink Anything Beforehand

Do not consume any food or beverage (including water) within 6 hours prior to your appointment.

5. Bring Someone With You

A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, and drive the patient home. If the patient is 18 years of age or younger, the patient must be accompanied by the parent/legal guardian.

6. Don’t Drive Afterwards

The patient should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery for twelve hours following the appointment.

7. If You Have Any More Questions, Ask Us

We want our patients’ to be informed and comfortable so that we can provide them with the best possible care. Contact our Fort Worth office today for more information on how we can help you.


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