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The Advantages of Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Many offices offer crowns and bridges for use with dental implants, but not every office makes them out of zirconia. Our Fort Worth office offers zirconia crowns and bridges as a solution when restoring your smile with dental implants. Zirconia is a white element, and it is the best substance available in cosmetic dentistry for making new teeth; it is far superior to acrylic. Here’s what makes zirconia a fantastic material for your new teeth.

Zirconia is Very Hard

It is the hardest material available in dentistry for making realistic looking teeth. It is very difficult to break and very easy to clean (you just brush it like you would your natural teeth).

Zirconia is Realistic

In our Fort Worth office, we will digitally design and mill your zirconia crown or bridge ourselves in our in-house dental lab. To perfect the shape and fit of your new milled teeth, we will first mill you a temporary tooth or set of teeth for you to “test drive”. This temporary set of teeth will be made out of a softer material and will be digitally designed by us using CAD software (we base our design of your impression that we took before your surgery). We then modify our digital design (aesthetically and functionally) based on your feedback while wearing your temporary. This allows us to give you a set of teeth that unique, customized to fit your specific wants and needs.

Why Do We Only Use Zirconia For Fixed Teeth?

Many dentists offer “fixed” sets of teeth that are made out of acrylic. While our practice does offer implant supported dentures, we make these dentures snap on and off of your implants so that you can remove them yourself. We do it this way because acrylic is far more difficult to keep clean than zirconia, as it is more prone to absorb water and bacteria. This is especially true in the event of cracks and breaks that are more likely to occur with acrylic.

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