heal after extractions before dental implants

Sometimes our patients don’t qualify for our same day tooth extractions and dental implants. This could be due to their unique bone anatomy, or it could be due to pre-existing oral health complications that require them to heal before dental implants can be placed. Therefore, it’s important that you know the correct way to take care of your mouth if your tooth extractions cannot be done in the same appointment as your dental implant surgery. 

1. Don’t Rinse Immediately

You should not rinse out for 72 hours. If you need to, roll water in your mouth and drool it out. 

2. Don’t Smoke, Spit, Use a Straw, or Drink Carbonated Beverages.

All of these things could cause you to lose the blood clot, resulting in a very painful dry socket. Wait at least three days before you use any tobacco products.

3. Take Proper Care if There’s Bleeding

If bleeding persists, bite down on a moistened tea bag placed over the surgical site. If bleeding is excessive, then notify the office immediately.

4. Take Food w/ Your Pain Pills

Always take pain pills with food to avoid nausea. 

5. Use Dieting Supplements

Support your nutrition with liquid diet supplements available at your local grocery or drugstore. 

6. Change Out Your Gauze.

Change gauze packs every 30 minutes for 2 hours. Bite hard using pressure.

7. Don’t Use Peroxide Except as Prescribed by a Doctor.

Remember, the doctor who performs the procedure is entitled to be consulted first in case of trouble. 

Some Additional Instructions:

The hard edges or prominence of the bony process noticed after an extraction are sometimes mistaken for part of the tooth; however, this will soon be covered by tissue and smoothed by absorption. If pain or swelling occurs after the wound is apparently healed, then return to our office for an examination. 

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us With Any Questions!

It is our desire at The Dental Implant Place that your recovery be as pleasant as possible. Contact our Fort Worth office today and let us know how we can help you. 

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