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At our Fort Worth practice, we work to make tooth implants cost affordable for you. One of the ways we do this is through what we call our All-In-One-Place Advantage, which allows us to handle every stage of your treatment ourselves. As you will see, this unique feature can reduce your price considerably.

The Dental Implant Process

There are typically many steps required for placing implants. These steps include:

  1. Consultation: The patient must receive an oral exam from a doctor so that their specific needs can be accurately assessed.
  2. X-Rays/Scans: Usually several X-Rays or CT Scans of the patient’s mouth are required for your procedure. They must be taken pre-surgery to determine whether or not there is adequate bone density for implant placement, and they must be taken post-surgery to survey the progress of the patient’s healing.
  3. Surgery: There are two surgical procedures involved in the dental implant process: tooth extractions and implant placement (some people, like full denture wearers, don’t need tooth extraction surgery). Sometimes both of these surgeries can be done in one day, but other times they may require separate appointments. In addition, while a patient’s dental implants can usually be placed in one appointment, this is not always the case. Sometimes multiple surgeries are necessary for placement.
  4. Building the New Teeth: A dental lab must construct the crown, bridge, or denture that you will wear over your implants.
  5. Fitting: An appointment must be made for the dentist to fit the new prosthetics onto the dental implants.
  6. Adjustments: Typically, a patient will need at least one follow-up appointment for adjustments to be made to their new teeth

Most Offices Increase Tooth Implants Cost

Most dentists and oral surgeons can’t perform every stage of this process for you and will have to refer you to other offices for these stages. Clearly, this can be very inconvenient for patients in terms of time. However, more visits to more offices will also mean more bills. Because many offices charge per X-ray and per visit, all of these visits to different offices can significantly add to the overall tooth implants cost.

This problem is especially evident when the dentist placing your implant does not have his or her own dental lab and must outsource the construction of your denture, crown, or bridge. This not only gives you another bill to pay, but also allows for a broader margin of error in the construction of your new teeth, since the outsourced dental lab doesn’t take your measurements itself. This can lead to more adjustments being needed (which would require more post-surgery visits to your dentist) and raise your cost even further.

Fortunately, none of this has to be the case for you. At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth…

We Handle Every Phase of Your Treatment

We’ll give you a free consultation and take your CT Scans. We’ll build your denture, crown, or bridge ourselves in our own in-house dental lab. Best of all, Dr. Steve Brown will perform every step of your surgical procedure, from your tooth extractions to the placement of your tooth implants cost.

We Don’t Charge Per X-Ray/CT Scan

Although our patients must pay for their initial CT scan, the rest are on us.

We Don’t Charge Per Office Visit

Any repairs or adjustments on your new teeth are free for up to one year, and these adjustments can, in most cases, be done within one appointment. This type of service can significantly reduce the cost of your dental implants over time, and will certainly make your treatment more convenient.

A Variety of Financing Options

Many dentist offices offer only one or two forms of financing: The Dental Implant Place offers several, including some plans with zero percent financing for up to two years.

Want More Information?

Contact our Fort Worth office today. We’d be happy to give you more details on tooth implants cost and the affordability of your treatment.

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