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Most of the dental implants we place in our Fort Worth office are small diameter implants. This is because this type of implant offers several key advantages that other types do not, and one of these advantages is their lower price. Here’s how they make your procedure more affordable.

They’re Less Expensive to Buy

Dental implants, though small, are usually composed of many parts. These can and/or will include the post, an impression sleeve, an abutment screw, a cover screw, an implant analog, a healing abutment, and an esthetic abutment. Overall, a conventional implant can be made up of anywhere from 10 to 15 parts. Because of their complex structure, dental implants can be very expensive; generally the more parts required for a dental implant, the higher its price on the dentist placing it. The dentist will then be forced to raise the price of your procedure in order to cover his or her costs.

A small diameter implant is another story. Compared with their more complex brethren, small diameter implants are usually composed of no more than five parts, and can even be as simple as a single piece! This makes them less expensive to manufacture, which in turn makes them less expensive for you in our Fort Worth office.

They Can Help You Avoid Bone Grafting Procedures

Some patients seeking restorative dental treatment have experienced bone loss in their jaw due to dentures, infection, or missing teeth. Because of their missing bone tissue, many of these patients don’t qualify for traditional implants without bone grafting surgery. Bone grafting is a procedure in which missing or damaged bone is replaced by new pieces of bone, which is often harvested from the patient. These procedures can cost thousands of dollars (depending on the patient’s case and the type of ┬ásurgery) and can also be extremely time consuming. For instance, it usually takes between 9 to 12 months for a patient to heal completely from an additive bone graft.

Thanks to small diameter dental implants, however, these surgeries can often be avoided. This is because these implants are minimally invasive, meaning they require a much smaller pilot hole than other implants. A small diameter implant usually between (2.9-3.25mm) in diameter. When compared with traditional implants (which can be as wide as 6mm) it’s not difficult to see how small diameter implants require less bone in order to be placed. They cause significantly less trauma during surgery, allowing for both faster healing a higher qualification rate among patient’s.

Find Out More From Our Doctor

Dr. Steve Brown has placed thousands of dental implants over the course of his career, and he strongly holds to the advantages of small diameter implants. He believes in them so much that he teaches other dentists how to place them as the President and Lead Instructor of the Small Diameter Implant Institute.Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brown and find out more about how our Fort Worth office can help you lower the cost of your restorative dental care.