all on 4 dental implants

All on 4 is a uniform implant procedure that replaces a whole row of upper or lower teeth with an acrylic denture that is screwed permanently onto four dental implants. While All on 4 procedures allow immediate loading (putting the denture onto the implants the same day that the implants are placed) permanently fixing acrylic to your upper or lower arch can be ineffective and possibly harmful to the long-term health of your gums. That’s why in our Fort Worth practice we provide dental implant services that further personalize your implant procedure to fit your unique bone structure while preserving the predictability, firm fit, and immediate loading of All on 4.

What The Term Means

The All on 4 design involves a dentist placing four standard-sized dental implants (between 3 and 6 millimeters in diameter) and then screwing a plastic acrylic denture with a metal substructure onto those implants. While there are exceptions to most rules, All on 4 rarely deviates from this format.

The Main Issues With All On 4

  • Acrylic Absorbs Moisture and Bacteria: It’s almost unavoidable that food and bacteria are going to accumulate underneath a denture. To maximize the longevity of your denture and protect the health of your gums, a denture should be thoroughly cleaned twice daily. Permanently screwing a denture to dental implants (like All on 4) makes properly cleaning your denture very difficult (the outside of the denture will be the only reachable place.
  • You May Need More Than Four Implants For A Firm Fit: Sometimes a denture requires more than four implants to hold it in securely. This is especially the case when replacing the teeth on your upper arch. Furthermore, you may not have the bone available for traditionally sized dental implants and may require small diameter or mini implants. In our Fort Worth office, we do not charge extra if you need more than four implants, and our cost doesn’t vary based on the size of your implants. Dr. Brown’s philosophy is to make your dental implants fit your bone, not make your bone fit your implants.

What We Do Instead

  • If You Want Fixed Teeth, We Give You Implant Retained Zirconium Bridges: Zirconium is the hardest material available in dentistry for making natural-looking artificial teeth. It does not decay, it does not absorb water or bacteria like acrylic. Zirconium bridges do not cover your gums, so they can be cleaned the same way that you would clean real teeth. If we’re going to permanently cement (aka fix) a set of teeth to your implants, we’re going to use zirconium, not acrylic.
  • We Offer Removable, Dental Implant Retained Dentures As An Alternative to Zirconium: If want a more affordable option than zirconium bridges, you can get a denture custom-made for you that can snap on and off of your dental implants. We do this so that you can thoroughly clean your denture and still enjoy the benefits of dental implantsL firmer fit, no adhesives, healthier gums, and a more retained bone structure.
  • In Either Case, You Will Get Immediate Loading: We will make sure that you have a set of teeth to wear over your implants the same day that you get them placed.

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