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One of the primary services we provide in our office is the placement and construction of dental implant retained dentures (sometimes called implant supported dentures). This affordable option offers several of the advantages of dental implants while removing many of the traditional hardships of dentures. Here are some of the ways that this option serves you.

4. Minimal Slipping

An all-to-common problem with conventional dentures is that they slide around in a person’s mouth when he or she is either speaking or trying to chew food. Not only can this be extremely irritating, it is also embarrassing. However, thanks to dental implants this can be avoided. With implants to retain them, your denture is still resting on tissue, but will move very little when you eat and not at all when you talk.

3. No Adhesives

If you have dentures yourself, you know what a pain adhesives are. They taste bad. They feel gross. They cost you a lot of money, and, worst of all, they often don’t work. Dental implants allow you to avoid the hassle, pain, and disgust of adhesives, holding your new teeth firmly in place all by themselves.

2. Eat What You Want

Perhaps the biggest, most frequent complaint about dentures is that they limit the wearer’s diet. A typical denture restricts a person to eating mostly soft foods, preventing one from eating what they want. A dental implant retained denture fixes this. Dental implant supported prosthetics allow you to eat the food you desire without worrying about slippage, thanks to their more secure fit.


1. Preserve Your Bone, Gums, and Face

The least-known disadvantage of conventional dentures may be the most harmful of all: the dangers of missing teeth. When a person is missing teeth, it can lead to the erosion of your facial structure over time because the gums and bone tissue will begin to deteriorate. This is because the roots of the teeth stimulate the bone and gum tissue; without this stimulus, the tissue recedes from lack of use. This shrinkage will affect the fit of your denture, which will become looser and less effective as your gums and jaw are altered. Worse still, this bone and gum deterioration will cause premature aging in your face, wearing away your healthy appearance.

With dental implants retaining your new teeth, however, this problem is fixed. Implants act as tooth roots, stimulating your jawbone and your gum tissue the way that natural teeth do. They help you retain your face while providing you with a firmer, more reliable fit over time.

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