Month: February 2015

Avoid the Need for Dentures Realignment with Dental Implants

If you currently wear a removable dental prosthetic, you may have to get it realigned periodically. Because your jawbone and gums recess over time, your denture will become lose. This may cause embarrassing slippage, and it may impair your dental function. However, advanced implant supported dentures can protect the natural structure of your jawbone. Patients… Read more »

Do You Need a Bone Graft before Dental Implants?

BONE GRAFT BEFORE DENTAL IMPLANTS? Dental implants¬†have helped many patients restore lost teeth through the natural support of their jaw and gums. With an implant procedure, patients can eat, speak, and smile again in comfort and confidence, while knowing their dental health has been preserved. Unfortunately, not everyone may be an immediate candidate for implants…. Read more »

Why You Can Trust Dr Steve Brown With Your Dental Implants

When you’re searching for a doctor to perform your dental implant surgery, it’s important that you choose a dentist with experience, skill, and compassion. Dr. Steve Brown, the owner and practitioner of The Dental Implant Place, exemplifies all three. As a dentist who trains other dentists in dental implant surgery, Dr. Brown knows dental implants,¬†and… Read more »