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If you currently wear a removable dental prosthetic, you may have to get it realigned periodically. Because your jawbone and gums recess over time, your denture will become lose. This may cause embarrassing slippage, and it may impair your dental function. However, advanced implant supported dentures can protect the natural structure of your jawbone. Patients who undergo the procedure at The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth often never need dentures realignment again. In addition, these permanent restorations provide other important benefits for your smile and dental function. We will use our advanced imaging system to examine your jawbone and ascertain whether dental implants are right for you.

Why Do Your Dentures Need to Be Realigned?

Every time your teeth touch, the roots emit tiny shockwaves to the nearby bone cells. These shocks signal new bone growth so that your jawbone can replace the minerals that are constantly being lost. When you are missing teeth, your jaw will no longer receive these important signals. Your bone will start to recede quickly. Even one missing tooth can lead to significant jawbone recession. When you no longer have any natural teeth, this process is accelerated.

Dentures are crafted from impressions of your mouth. They are made to fit the precise measurements of your jaw and alveolar ridge. As your jaw begins to recede, your mouth will change shape. In turn, the dentures will not retain their snug, comfortable fit. In most cases, you will need to have your dentures realigned about every two years, and they should be replaced about every eight years. Wearing a loose denture can actually speed up jawbone degeneration.

What Are Dental Implants Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are the latest method of tooth replacement. We will place implant posts in your jawbone. In most cases, we will place four implants with smaller diameters to minimize impact to your jaw and shorten your recovery time. Then we will attach a temporary denture to the tops of the posts. With this restoration, you will be able to eat with relative ease during your recovery. You will also be able to request any needed adjustments to the permanent denture. After you have fully healed, we will attach your final restoration, made in our in-house lab.

Will I Need to Adjust My Dental Implants Dentures?

Implants actually replace your tooth roots, and they give off the same regenerative signals. Therefore, they can keep your jaw, gums, and face from changing shape. This can improve your appearance and actually make you look younger. In most cases, implant supported dentures will last the rest of your life. They are a great investment, since you will not have to worry about the future costs of adjustment or replacement. Along with their stability, implant dentures are also the most lifelike restorations because they sit directly against your gum tissue.

Find Out If Implant Supported Dentures Are Right for You

Learn more about the benefits of dental implants by contacting The Dental Implant Place today. We look forward to improving your dental function and appearance with our advanced restorations, including implant-supported dentures.