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When you’re searching for a doctor to perform your dental implant surgery, it’s important that you choose a dentist with experience, skill, and compassion. Dr. Steve Brown, the owner and practitioner of The Dental Implant Place, exemplifies all three. As a dentist who trains other dentists in dental implant surgery, Dr. Brown knows dental implants, and he has designed an exceptional, all-in-one-place system in his Fort Worth office that allows you to receive every stage of your treatment in one place.

Over 8,000 Dental Implants Placed

Dr Steve Brown has been serving the Fort Worth community for over twenty two years, and he has been providing dental implants to patients for over a decade. In that time, he has placed thousands of dental implants of all types and sizes: traditional, mini, and small diameter. He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in dental implant dentistry under some of the greatest dental implant experts in the world. He was among the first two dentists in history to gain fellowship and mastership in the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants, and served two terms as Vice President in this academy. With experience like this under his belt, it is safe to say that Dr Steve Brown is truly a pioneer of dental implants.

Watch Dr. Brown here on the Wellness Hour.

Other Dentists Seek His Training

Such is Dr. Brown’s skill and experience that hundreds of dentists have trained under him and learned from his extensive expertise. In fact, he lectures to hundreds of doctors every year as the President of the American Academy of Small Diameter Implants, an organization of dentists from across the United States that is dedicated to the study and application of dental implant dentistry.

Dr. Brown also offers training for dentists as the President and Lead Instructor of the Small Diameter Implant Institute (SDII), a hands-on dental implant training course of his design. In this revolutionary course, Dr. Brown shows dentists how to perform dental implant surgery by placing implants on live patients in the Dominican Republic. These patients are underprivileged Dominican citizens who could never receive this type of care any other way. Through Dr Steve Brown’s course, these patients can gain a new lease on life, and dentists can learn dental implant dentistry from an exceptionally experienced dentist through hands-on application. 

To hear more about Dr. Steve Brown from other dentists, watch this interview with Dr. Jim Fregia, an SDII trained dentist from Odessa, Texas.

His Process Is Revolutionary

With so many years of experience, Dr. Brown has designed an outstanding dental implant process in his Fort Worth office that allows his patients a level of convenience that is unmatched by most dental offices. At his practice, The Dental Implant Place, the patient receives every stage of their dental implant procedure in one place. No longer must you go to multiple offices for your scans, surgery, and fitting. He not only handles all of these steps, but he also oversees the construction of your new teeth (crowns, bridges, and dentures) in his own in-house dental lab. This process not only saves the patient time, but money as well. Because his office handles all of its own procedures, it’s able to cut the cost of your dental implants, and getting your implant procedure done all in one place saves you from multiple bills that may contain hidden or unexpected fees.

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We challenge you to find a dentist in the Fort Worth area that can offer the same combination of experience, convenience, and affordability for you and your dental implants. Contact Dr. Steve Brown’s practice today to schedule your free consultation. He’s here to give you the treatment you need and deserve, and with his extraordinary experience, there’s no one you should trust more.