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If you are considering dental implants to improve your oral health and quality of life, you should be aware of the advantages of receiving treatment from an office with an in-house dental lab. Our Fort Worth practice, The Dental Implant Place, has such a lab, which is essential in allowing us to perform all of your dental implant treatment in one place. Here are a few of the ways that this feature makes getting dental implants more convenient for you. 

One Doctor Is With You All The Way Through

Dr. Steve Brown, the founder and dentist of The Dental Implant Place, is dental implant pioneer with extraordinary experience in placing dental implants. He has been serving the DFW community for over twenty years, and he has been placing implants for over a decade. He can place dental implants of all sorts: traditional, small diameter, and mini implants, and he regularly provides hands-on training to other dentists in the placement of implants. It is Dr. Brown who be with you for every step of the dental implant process, including the following steps:

  • He will give you your free consultation
  • He will perform your surgery
  • He will handle your post-op appointments, including the delivery of your permanent teeth
  • He will oversee the construction of your new teeth

That last part is only made possible by an in-house dental lab, and it is a crucial advantage. While most dentists and oral surgeons in the United States have to ship your dentures, crowns, or bridges to a lab somewhere offsite (oftentimes it’s China), Dr. Brown is able to supervise this important phase of your treatment. This means that the same doctor who placed your implants is also the one making sure your new teeth are right for you, further ensuring accurate and compassionate care

Convenient Repairs

Sometimes dentures, crowns, and bridges get damaged and need repairs. This is not uncommon, and it can be due to a variety of factors, like grinding teeth or simple wear and stress over long periods of time. Regardless, if you’re a patient of The Dental Implant Place and you need a repair on your new teeth, we can take care of the repair, sometimes in as little as one hour. This is a far cry from most other oral surgeons and dentists, who will have to ship your teeth back to whatever lab did the work initially, forcing you to wait a week or longer to get your teeth back.

It Cuts Your Costs

Because we can handle all of your dental implant treatment in one place from start to finish, our Fort Worth office is able to lower the cost of dental implants for you in two ways. First, we don’t have to pay for the shipping, handling, or process fees that come with outsourcing the construction of dentures, crowns, and bridges. The second way this feature cuts your costs is that you, the patient, get one bill for your entire treatment. You don’t have to bounce from location to location, between the prosthodontist, dentist, and oral surgeons’ offices to get everything done, and you don’t have to pay for all of these additional appointments. All of these factors together lower dental implants cost significantly. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

Call us today to set up your free consultation with Dr. Brown. He can give you an oral exam, discuss your oral needs with you, and tell you more about the advantages of The Dental Implant Place. With our combination of experience, convenience, and affordability, we are here to help you regain your quality of life with dental implants. Your smile is here, and we look forward to seeing you.