mini dental implants fort worth txIn our Fort Worth office, we are often asked about mini dental implants: what they are, what makes them unique, whether or not they are effective, and whether or not we place them. The answer is that our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, places all kinds of implants, but he uses mini implants when they are needed for patients who have the minimal amount of bone available for implant treatment. 

What They Are

Mini implants, like all dental implants, are small posts that act as tooth roots: they preserve your bone structure while functioning as an anchor that replacement teeth can either be cemented to (dental crowns or dental bridges) or snapped onto (dentures). They are made of the same materials as other dental implants, which is usually titanium or a titanium alloy. Really, the primary difference between mini dental implants and other implants is their size. Mini implants range from about 1.8-2.0mm, while conventional implants can range from 3.0-6.0mm. It should be noted here that the terms “mini implant” and “small diameter implant” are often used interchangeably. In our Fort Worth office, we use these terms with distinction, as small diameter dental implants can have a slightly wider diameter than mini dental implants (they usually range from 2.2-3.0mm). Nevertheless, this type of implant shares the same functions and advantages of minis, which you can read about below. 

Why They’re Useful

Mini implants and small diameter implants offer the benefit of being minimally invasive. This means that these restoratives cause the least possible amount of surgical stress when they are placed in your jaw. Here are the following advantages to this feature:

  • They can minimize your healing time after surgery
  • They require less bone in order to be placed, making you more likely to qualify.
  • They can help you avoid bone grafting procedures
  • They can shorten the length of your surgery, as they are easier to place

Dr. Brown is capable of placing all types of dental implants. However, his philosophy is to fit and choose your implants in a way that suits your unique oral structure, so he does not limit his practice to the use of only one or two types. If you are suffering from bone loss, then mini dental implants may be the restorative dental option for your restoring your quality of life.

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photo credit Valentina Manjarrez