oral surgeon dental implants fort worthIn the United States, oral surgery is most commonly associated with invasive dental procedures, such as tooth extractions. As a result, some people assume that dental implant surgery is only performed by oral surgeons. However, a wide variety of dental professionals, including general dentists, periodontists, and prosthodontists, commonly place dental implants and perform necessary invasive dental procedures like bone grafts and extractions.

Dr. Steve Brown: Exceptional Experience, Compassionate Care

Our dentist at The Dental Implant Place, Dr. Steve Brown, has placed over 8000 dental implants in our Fort Worth office and is proficient in the placement of every type of dental implant – from mini dental implants to traditional wide-diameter implants. Dr. Brown is not an oral surgeon, but he is capable of performing every step of your dental implant procedure from start to finish, including your tooth extractions and (if they are needed) bone grafts. Moreover, Dr. Brown’s skills in dental implant placement are recognized by other dentists nationwide, and hundreds have traveled from across the United States and learned implant placement under his tutelage.

One of the things that sets Dr. Brown apart is his minimally invasive approach to dental implant surgery, which reduces pain, shortens healing time, and reduces the need for additional surgical procedure (such as bone grafts) in your treatment. While there are many oral surgeons, general dentists, prosthodontists, and periodontists that place dental implants, few use the minimally invasive approach. Most dental practices commonly rely on 4mm-6mm dental implants for their treatment plans, which are often too wide for those suffer from debilitating oral issues like bone loss.

Get a Free Consultation at The Dental Implant Place

To learn more about dental implants and your oral treatment options, schedule a free dental implant consultation with Dr. Steve Brown. He can help you identify what your specific needs are and help you see whether or not dental implants and/or oral surgery are right for you. Our patients frequently discover that they can save significant time and money on their implant procedure with our Fort Worth office when compared to other offices, thanks to our variety of financing options, our exceptional pricing, and our All-in-One-Place advantage. These advantages, coupled with Dr. Brown’s experience and minimally invasive approach, make The Dental Implant Place an easy choice for your dental implants.