“I Wouldn’t Trade It For Anything”

That’s how Kay Haston feels about her dental implants 9 years later, and that’s the difference that your smile can make. Kay tried for years to save her original teeth with root canals, deep cleanings, and other methods. However, her oral health continued to deteriorate, and she eventually stopped interacting with other people rather than let them see her smile. Finally, Kay had enough and decided she needed to replace all of her teeth. She found Dr. Steve Brown, and the rest is history.

Today, Kay’s dental implants continue to provide her the comfort, function, and beauty that she so longed for. She eats the foods she likes, she speaks confidently, and best of all, she smiles whenever she wants.

The Dental Implant Place: Implants Only Since 2007

Our Fort Worth office has focused completely on dental implants for almost 10 years. Our dental implants dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, is a world-class implant surgeon who has performed thousands of dental implants placements and changed the lives of untold numbers of people just like Kay. Our state-of-the-art facility is one of the most technologically advanced dental implant practices in the nation, and we can perform your entire implant treatment in one location – from your free consultation to your extractions to the final delivery of your implants and new teeth. We even offer dental implant financing with plans that offer 0% financing for up to 2 years!

Find out why people from Houston are choosing to come to our office for their implant treatment. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown today and regain your ability to eat the foods you like and smile with a full set of beautiful teeth.

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