dental implants look real

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It’s common knowledge that dental implants are a healthy solution to missing teeth. However, what many people are less sure about is whether or not their new implant-retained teeth will look beautiful and real. While we can’t speak for the smile you would receive with other practices, we at The Dental Implant Place can assure you that with us, your teeth will not only feel natural, but will look natural. The master technicians in our in-house dental laboratory deliver beautiful, life-like new teeth to all of our patients and will also work with you to continually ensure that your new smile will fit your specific oral structure as naturally as possible.

Customize Your Smile

A unique feature of The Dental Implant Place is that we provide all of your procedure in one place, with one doctor and one bill. One of the advantages of this feature is that we are able to give you seamless communication with our team. Throughout every step of your treatment, from your free consultation to the delivery of your final set of teeth, we will listen to your feedback to customize your smile to look and feel the way you want it to, right down to the size, shape, shade, contours, and coloring of your new teeth.

Laser-Point Precision and “Test Driving”

How are we able to provide such precision and customization to our patients? One of the ways is through the state-of-the-art digital design technology utilized in our in-house lab. Using CAD software (computer assisted design) our technicians are able to digitally design your zirconia crowns and bridges with laser-point precision. We then send these designs to mill temporary sets of teeth that you can “test drive”, so that we can continue to modify the design and fit of your new teeth until we can give your new teeth the exact appearance and fit that you want.

Reach Out to Us – We Want to Hear From You

The Dental Implant Place does not believe in uniform treatment plans. Everyone’s mouth is different, which means everyone’s needs will differ. Our All-in-One-Place advantage not only streamlines your process but also allows us to provide you with a consistency and quality that is informed by your input. We’re here to help you restore your smile and reclaim your quality of life. Call us today or submit a request for more information, and a member of our team will contact you shortly to assist you. We provide free consultations and show you dental implants before and after so that you can safely learn more about our Fort Worth dental implant facility and discover what dental implants could do for you.