dental implants feel naturalMany people have turned to dentures, flippers, or traditional dental crowns and bridges for tooth replacement. Unfortunately, these appliances usually fail to serve their oral health, confidence, and chewing ability in the same way that their natural teeth once did. However, The Dental Implant Place can restore your smile with dental implants, which not only promote long-term bone and gum tissue health in a way no other restorative dental treatment can, but also feel and function like the natural teeth you were born with.

Like Having Your Old Teeth Back

Dental implants simply provide the most natural and long-lasting solution in restorative dentistry for replacing missing, infected, or loose teeth. Here are just some of the benefits that only a dental implant can offer:

Simply Brush: When your implants retain zirconia crowns and bridges, you clean your dental implants the same way you used to clean your old teeth – by brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Stimulate Your Bone and Gums: Unlike dentures and traditional crowns and bridges, a dental implant acts as a tooth root which stimulate your bone and gums, significantly reducing risk of bone deterioration and gum disease.

Say Goodbye to Slippage: Dental implants fuse to your bone and can firmly anchor a crown, bridge, or even a denture without using adhesives. This allows you to eat the foods you used to enjoy and stop worrying about whether or not your teeth are going to fall out or shift when you talk.

Common Problems With The Traditional Alternatives

Dentures require adhesives in order to stay in your mouth. Not only do these adhesives often feel and taste unpleasant, but they also often don’t work and slip out of your mouth, especially while chewing firmer foods and even while speaking. Flippers, meanwhile, usually lack adequate durability for long-term wear, and they rarely look like natural teeth compared to other dental prosthetics. Finally, traditional dental bridges and crowns (which use adjacent teeth to stay anchored in place) often compromise their adjacent natural teeth, making them crooked or loose.

Listen to Our Patients’ Stories

Hear from real people who have chosen natural tooth replacement by getting their dental implants in our Fort Worth office. Their procedures helped them restore their quality of life, get their confidence back, and eat the foods they used to enjoy. For more information on how implant restoration can help you, contact us today to speak to us or schedule your free dental implant consultation.