Roy Cox suffered from poor oral health for years. Gum Disease required him to visit a dentist every 4 months for deep cleaning, just to maintain his remaining natural teeth. He couldn’t eat the foods he wanted, and he couldn’t smile confidently.

Then Roy decided enough was enough.

Roy found our office and got a free consultation from our award-winning dentist, Dr. Steve Brown. Thanks to our office’s advanced All-in-One-Place features and Dr. Brown’s extraordinary skill in implant dentistry, Roy got a completely new smile with every tooth replaced. According to Roy, that procedure was “very painless“.

Fast forward 8 years to today, and Roy now has “no problems whatsoever.” Roy can now eat all of the foods he enjoys. He smiles confidently and no longer suffers any pain or embarrassment from his teeth.

Roy’s story makes us very proud to do what we do. Our Ft Worth dental implants office is able to see people just like Roy every week and help them restore their quality of life. If you’re suffering from embarrassment or pain like Roy was, don’t wait any longer. Your smile and your oral health are far too important to ignore.

Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Brown today and start your journey towards reclaiming your ability to chew, speak, and smile naturally. We look forward to serving you!

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