all on four dental implants All on 4 is a commonly performed dental implant procedure in which a denture is screwed to a set of four dental implants. While many dentists and oral surgeons offer All on 4, it has a few serious and unnecessary flaws. One of the most critical flaws is that an Dental Implant All on 4, compared to implant supported dentures and zirconia bridges, is very difficult to clean properly.

The Problem With “Permanently” Fixing a Denture to Implants

Dentures are made from a type of plastic called acrylic. In the right context, they can work well as a set of prosthetic teeth. However, acrylic is prone to absorb moisture and bacteria if not properly cleaned. If the underside of a denture isn’t properly cleaned, then bacteria and food debris can build up and lead to gum disease, which in itself can lead to serious systemic diseases. Dentures, therefore, need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly in solution at least twice daily to avoid bacterial buildup, especially underneath the plastic ridges that overlap a person’s gums. The problem with All on 4 is that it makes this essential twice-daily removal and cleaning practically impossible. Removing an All on Four without damaging the denture requires the aid of a dental professional to unscrew the denture from the implants.

What’s the Alternative?

Our Ft Worth office has focused completely on dental implants procedures since 2007. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, as placed over 8000 dental implants during that time. Instead of using Dental Implant All on 4 to do this for full arch replacement, we offer two solutions that remove the weaknesses of All on Four and improve on its strengths: The first is the Implant Supported Denture, and the second is the Fixed Zirconia Bridge.

Fixed Zirconia Bridges

Zirconia is the strongest material available for making prosthetic teeth that look natural. At the Dental Implant Place, we use this material exclusively when making teeth that will be permanently fixed to your dental implants. Not only is zirconia far stronger than acrylic, it’s also less absorbent, so you can clean it just like you would natural teeth: by brushing with toothpaste! What’s more, zirconia bridges don’t have artificial gums that overlap over your natural gums, which helps your smile feel far more natural.

Implant Supported Dentures

An Implant Supported Denture differs from the Dental Implant All on 4 in one very crucial way: it’s removable. Instead of screwing the dental implants to your denture, we custom design your denture so that it can snap on and off of your dental implants. This allows you to remove the denture yourself  properly while still enjoying the firm, secure fit of dental implants (no adhesives are required).

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