free implant consultation The consultation is the crucial first step in the dental implant process. It’s when we sit down with you to discuss your goals and answer your questions about the treatment process. Then we provide you with an oral examination so that you can have a professional assessment of your overall oral health, which is vital information if you’re considering dental implants. At our Ft Worth dental implant office, we offer you a free consultation with our nationally-recognized dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, because we want to help find the right solution for you so that you can take the next step in reclaiming your confidence and quality of life.

Step 1 – Explaining the Process

The first phase of any consultation is making sure that you understand the dental implant process. We sit down with you, give you the information you need, and answer any of your questions you have related to our office and dental implants in general. During this time, we’ll show you every option available in dentistry for treating missing teeth, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each.

Step 2 – Meet Dr. Steve Brown

Next, you’ll meet our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, who boasts exceptional experience in dental implant placement & restoration. During this step, you’ll get to discuss with Dr. Brown exactly what you want to achieve with your dental implants.

Step 3 – An Oral Exam

Dr. Brown will then provide you with a free oral exam. This step gives you a professional appraisal of your current situation and will provide essential info in formulating a plan to restore your smile.

Step 4 – A CT Scan (Optional)

A CT Scan is similar to an x-ray, except that it provides much more information. Instead of revealing one angle of your bone structure, a CT scan gives a 360 degree, three dimensional picture of your mouth. A CT Scan is necessary if you want to leave our office with a treatment plan and an exact cost of your procedure. The scan gives Dr. Brown the information necessary to place your dental implants in a minimally invasive way. It also confirms whether or not you have the bone density available for dental implants. In our Fort Worth office, a CT Scan costs $100. While it is strongly recommended that you get the mostout of your consultation by getting a CT Scan and getting your treatment plan, you’re free to make this step a separate appointment from your dental implants free consultation.

Take the Next Step- Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you’re suffering from missing teeth or broken smile, don’t wait any longer. Your confidence and your ability to chew are worth restoring, and our all-in-one-place office can make your treatment simple, convenient, and affordable. Call us now or fill out the boxes below to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Brown and start your journey.