all on 4 ft worthAll on 4 is one of the most commonly-used terms in the dental implant office today. It’s also a commonly used procedure by many dental implant dentists. However, while its use is frequent, it has a number of important flaws that can hinder your quality of life. Below are both the pros and the cons of the All on 4, along with some alternative dental implant treatments that boast significant advantages to this procedure.

The Pros

All on 4 is a denture that’s fixed permanently to dental implants. The benefits of having All on 4 are as follows: that you have dental implants acting as tooth roots-stimulating your bone tissue- and that you have a set of teeth that’s fixed firmly in place.

The Cons

The cons of this treatment, however, are numerous and significant, and they all stem from the shortcomings of acrylic, the plastic from which all dentures are made. Acrylic is a poor material to fix permanently to your gums. For one thing, it’s significantly weaker than your natural teeth and is far more likely to need repairs from cracks and chipping than other implant prosthetics like zirconia (which we’ll discuss here in a bit).

Worse, however, is the fact that acrylic requires a plastic covering over your gums. Food particles and other bacteria will inevitably get caught underneath this covering, which is why it’s always recommended that denture-wearers remove their dentures twice-daily for cleaning. Because All on Four screws a denture onto dental implants, this essential twice-daily cleaning can’t be done without twice-daily trips to a dental office. This is obviously unsustainable, and will almost certainly lead to inflammation and bacterial growth along the gums.

Your Other Options

There are a few procedures that not only offer the blessings of the All on 4, but also improve on its weaknesses:

Zirconia Bridges: These prosthetics are made from the strongest material in dentistry for making realistic artificial teeth. They can also be designed digitally (as they are in our Fort Worth office) for maximum fit and customization. They don’t require any gum covering at all – they look and work like natural teeth and let your gums breath!

Implant Supported Dentures: Whereas All on Four tries to permanently fix a denture to your dental implants, Implant Supported Dentures are designed to snap on and off of your implants. This way, you get the firm support and the healthy bone tissue, but you also can clean your denture and your gums the way they need to be cleaned – twice daily and underneath the ridges.

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