consultation dental implantsThe Dental Implant Place provides all of your dental implant treatment all in one place, including your free consultation. Your consultation is a crucial step in your treatment process in which you get a chance to meet our team and learn about all of your options for restoring your oral health and confidence. Here’s what a dental implant consultation looks like.

Meet Our Doctor & Team

During your consultation, you’ll meet Dr. Steve Brown, our exceptionally experienced dental implant surgeon, as well as the rest of our staff at our dental implant practice. We’ll sit down with you, discuss your goals, and clearly explain all of the options available to you in restorative dentistry.

A Dental Exam

Here, Dr. Brown will take a look inside your mouth in order to further assess your specific oral needs. Everyone’s mouth is different, and Dr. Brown’s experience and knowledge in dental implants will provide you the comprehensive, detailed assessment you need to determine what type of procedure will be right for you.

A CT Scan & Treatment Plan

Dr. Brown always recommends that every new patient get a CT Scan in our facility. A CT Scan is like an x-ray, except that it provides a 360 degree view of your oral bone structure, thus providing the “whole story” on your oral health in a way that x-rays can’t. A CT Scan is a vital step in Dr. Brown’s minimally invasive approach to dental implant treatment. Dr. Brown believes that every person’s mouth is different, and thus will require unique treatment. This is why Dr. Brown places every size and type of dental implant (including mini implants), because he believes that your dental implants should be chosen based on your bone structure rather than on personal preference or cost to our business.

Dr. Brown’s minimally invasive philosophy is also why he requires a CT Scan for each patient before scheduling their dental implant procedure; he wants to make sure that every implant is placed in the healthiest possible position in your bone. Once you get your CT Scan, Dr. Brown will then make you a Treatment Plan based on his evaluation of your Dental Exam and CT Scan. He can even make you multiple treatment plans based on your case and financial preference.

Your CT Scan can be a separate stage of your treatment, since a CT Scan in our office requires a $100 surcharge. However, it’s important that you understand that we can’t give you your exact pricing and treatment plans until after you get a CT Scan. We Will however, be able to give you cost estimates on your case.

Review Your Financing Options

The Dental Implant Place has a wide variety of financing options available to help you manage the cost of your dental implants. With our Fort Worth facility you can finance your treatment at 0% for up to 60 months! We also offer plans for those with low credit scores. During your consultation, we’ll discuss each of our plans with you in detail if you so choose, and we’ll even apply you for each financing plan on your behalf during your visit if you so choose.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Contact our all-in-one-place office today to schedule your free consultation dental implants with Dr. Brown. Our team is standing by to assist you in taking the next step towards reclaiming your oral health and your quality of life.