all on 4 fort worthDental implants can be used to anchor a denture. A common technique that involves retaining dentures with implants is referred to as All on Four Dental Implants. In this procedure, a denture is screwed onto four dental implants so that it cannot be removed, except by a dental professional. While all on four is used often in dental implant offices, it’s not the best use of implants or dentures. Implant supported dentures make much better use of both applications. Here’s why.

The Weaknesses of All on Four

Permanently fixing a denture to dental implants is not ideal. This is because dentures are made from a material called acrylic. Acrylic is a type of plastic. It absorbs moisture and bacteria far more easily than natural teeth, which requires it to be cleaned thoroughly in solution at least twice per day. Food debris and additional bacteria will also gather underneath the gum line of the denture and will need to be regularly scrubbed out from between the denture and the gums. Permanently affixing acrylic to dental implants prevents these important hygienic routines.

Implant Supported Dentures

The difference between All on Four Dental Implants and an implant supported denture is the fact that the latter can be snapped on and off of the implants, allowing for the denture and the gums to be adequately and regularly cleaned. Additionally, Implant Supported Dentures still provide the firm fit of of All on 4. In fact, because a dental implant supported denture is often retained by more than four implants, it’s fit can be even firmer, and your bone can be even more healthily stimulated.

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