All on 4 dental implants Is All on 4 the right treatment for you? If you’re suffering from missing teeth, infected teeth, or an overall damaged smile, you’re probably investigating dental implants as a possible option for restoring your oral health, and if you’ve spent any time researching dental implant care, you’ve probably heard of a treatment called All on 4 dental implants. This is a specific method used for replacing whole arches of teeth (all of your top and/or bottom teeth), and it’s commonly used for this purpose. However, All on Four is not the only procedure available that uses dental implants to replace whole rows of teeth, and it’s actually inferior to other implant options in terms of comfort, efficiency, beauty, affordability, and the overall health benefits it offers.

Does it Function Well?

All on Four will provide you with many of the benefits of dental implants, namely new tooth roots for your bone and gum tissue and firm anchors for replacement teeth. However, All on Four is made from acrylic, which is the same type of plastic used to make dentures. While this material can be acceptable for making prosthetic teeth, it needs to be soaked in solution twice daily so that it won’t absorb moisture and bacteria. Because All on 4 permanently screws an acrylic denture onto your dental implants, it is very difficult to clean it, and your gums, sufficiently. Furthermore, food debris can far more easily get caught between your new teeth and your gums, and this can lead to a variety of oral health problems.

Does it Feel Natural?

While the implants themselves will feel natural, the All on 4 prosthesis will feel like a denture. A far more natural-feeling dental implant treatment is the zirconia bridge. These can also be permanently fixed onto your dental implants, but they will also not have any artificial gums rubbing against your real gums. Zirconia fits onto your gum line just like your natural teeth do..

Will it Look Natural?

The appearance of an All on Four depends on a variety of factors, including the lab that will do the work. However, zirconia will simply look more natural the majority of the time because it will be designed digitally and milled with laser-point precision, and the material itself more closely resembles natural teeth than porcelain.

Is it Sustainable?

All on Four can last you a long time, but it’s longevity is hampered by its porcelain materials. Zirconia is far harder and more difficult to damage. Also, as previously mentioned, zirconia is healthier for your gums in the long-run since it allows you to clean them more ably than with a fixed porcelain prosthesis.

Is it Affordable?

This again can depend on the office you go to. However, most offices charge more for an All on 4 dental implants than our Ft worth office charges for a zirconia bridge! Moreover, Implant Supported Dentures are far more affordable than either of these options, and Implant Supported Dentures improve on All on Four’s functionality and sustainability by allowing you to snap them on and off of your implants in order to clean your gums, implants and replacement teeth thoroughly and regularly.

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