mini implant Among those who would most benefit from dental implants are those who have suffered bone loss from missing or infected teeth. Unfortunately, many of these people never consider dental implants as a treatment option because they believe that they don’t have enough bone available in their jaw. However, there is hope for those who want dental implants and have suffered severe bone loss: mini implants. These implants are significantly smaller in diameter than traditional implants and can be a viable treatment for those who couldn’t otherwise qualify for dental implant treatment.

Defining Mini Implants

Like every other type of dental implant, a mini implant is a small titanium post that acts as a tooth root and retains artificial replacement teeth. Unlike other dental implants, however, a mini implant boasts a very slim diameter. While other types of implants can range from 2.2-6.0mm, the mini ranges from 1.8-2.0mm. This makes them ideal for those people who have minimal bone available for dental implant treatment.

The Advantage of the Mini Implant

Mini implants (like their cousins, small diameter implants) are minimally invasive. To be placed in your jaw, they only require a small pinhole in your gum. From there, they can be gently rotated into place. This causes minimal stress and pain during your procedure, which will minimize your healing time and your discomfort after your procedure. This feature can also shorten the cost and length of your procedure, since it can help you avoid bone grafts.

What’s the Ideal Implant?

There is no universal answer to this. A mini implant procedure is the least invasive but can often require more implants in order to securely anchor a crown, bridge, or denture. Small diameter implants are slightly wider (2.2-3mm), but you usually don’t need as many to effectively retain your new teeth. Our dental implant office in Ft Worth understands this, which is why we don’t charge you an additional fee per implant. Your zirconia bridge will not increase in price if you need 12 mini implants or 10 small diameter implants or 6 traditional implants. We will make sure that the implants you get will fit your bone structure, rather than try to make your bone structure accommodate any one uniform treatment philosophy.

Find Out If You’re A Candidate

Call our dental implant office today to take the first step in restoring your quality of life. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown to find out if you qualify for mini implants. Our Ft Worth facility offers dental implant payment plans to help you manage the price of your life-changing procedure.