dental implant office fort worth txIf you’re looking for dental implants, you should consider The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth. Our dental implant office has been focusing completely on implant care for almost ten years, and we are specifically and specially equipped to provide you with this life-changing treatment.

Our Dentist Boasts Incredible Experience

Dr. Steve Brown is a dental implants dentist has personally performed thousands of dental implant procedures. His expertise is nationally-recognized, with dentists from across the United States traveling to our dental implant office in Ft Worth to learn the art of implant dentistry directly from him. Dr. Brown places every type of dental implant, which allows him to give you a level of personalization unavailable in most other dental offices, who can only place certain types of implants and perform a narrow set of dental implants treatments.

Our Office Handles Every Appointment

Most dental offices are only able to take care of specific aspects of your dental implant care. For example, one dental office may be equipped to provide you with a consultation and an x-ray, but may be unable to place your dental implants. Another office may be able to perform your extractions, but would need to refer you somewhere else for you to receive your actual implants, while another office still would need to deliver your new prosthetic teeth to be fitted over your implants. This is an expensive and time-consuming hassle, which is why we offer a better way: our All-In-One-Place treatment solution. Our Fort Worth dental implant office provides every single phase of your treatment, even the lab work that makes your new prosthetic teeth.

Our Facilities Are State-of-the-Art

The Dental Implant Place is one of the most technologically-advanced practices in the United States. Our laboratory contains a five-axis mill with computer assisted design so that your new teeth can be molded with laser-point precision to fit your unique specifications. Our CT Scanner will give Dr. Brown a 360 degree view of your bone structure so that your procedure can be safe and predictable.

We Lower Your Cost

We offer affordable dental implants in our dental implant office: our procedures are not only priced favorably, but our variety of financing options are available to ensure that you can reclaim your oral health and receive life-changing care without delay. You could even qualify for 0% financing.

Get Started Today

Your smile is extremely important, so don’t put it off. Call our dental implant office today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown, our dental implants dentist, and start your journey towards renewed oral health and the confidence of a beautiful smile.