“It’s Just Been A Godsend.”

Before Her Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implants Reviews: Evelyn Babb suffered from dentures for years. Her mouth was constantly uncomfortable. The adhesives that she had to use to keep her dentures in place tasted foul and felt grimy. She couldn’t eat the foods she used to enjoy before dentures. Corn on the cob, steak, apples, and other common and wonderful meals were off limits to Evelyn, because when she tried to chew them, her teeth would fall out. Even the foods she could eat wouldn’t taste good because the palette of her denture blocked the parts of her mouth that allowed her to fully experience taste, and the taste of her adhesives blended uncomfortably with her foods.

Even worse, Evelyn couldn’t even rely on her teeth to stay in place firmly when she was speaking; she struggled with speaking confidently because of frequent slippage. Sinus problems were also a nightmare. Any drainage she experienced from her allergies would clog uncomfortably above her upper denture. Evelyn’s oral discomfort was a constant struggle, and she finally knew she needed to seek an alternative.

Life After Implants: Freedom From Dentures

When Evelyn found The Dental Implant Place, she scheduled her free consultation and met Dr. Steve Brown, a world-class dental implants dentist who offered her a transformative and affordable alternative to her traditional false teeth: dental implants dentures. Dr. Brown was able to give her full dental implants and customize a very specific type of denture for her that was designed to anchor comfortably and firmly to her implants. The acrylic over her palette and gums were drastically reduced so that she could taste her food, chew any of the foods she wanted, and cope comfortably with her allergies and sinuses. Evelyn’s implant supported dentures were an affordable dental implants procedure that costed less than All on Four and came with dental financing so that the cost of dental implants were manageable.

Evelyn now calls her new smile a “godsend”. She no longer suffers from slippage, and she no longer has to use adhesives. Plus, her implant supported denture looks so good that many don’t even realize that it’s not her natural teeth!

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