Some people know that they need to start over with their smile. They may be only have damaged or infected teeth left, or they may be full denture wearers and feel the need for an upgrade due to slippage or discomfort. The most natural way to replace all of your missing teeth is with full dental implants, enough implants on both arches of your mouth that will act as tooth roots and anchor your prosthetic teeth firmly.

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The Trouble With Dentures

The most obvious¬†issue with dentures is that they will not feel like natural teeth. They require adhesives to stay in place. Their acrylic will fall over your gums and can rub up against them uncomfortably. They can fall out while you’re speaking, and they often can prevent you from eating all of the firmer foods, like corn on the cob, that you used to enjoy. The most unnoticed downside of dentures is that they do not replace your missing tooth roots. One of the most important functions of your natural teeth is that they stimulate your bone and gum tissue with their roots. Without tooth roots, your bone and gums can shrink from lack of use.

The Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full dental implants can give your oral health a new start. With implants, you no longer have to remove your dentures for cleaning. Thanks to full arch bridges made from zirconia, you can have all new teeth that you clean and eat with just like natural teeth! These zirconi teeth will not fold over your gums either; like natural teeth, they will allow your gums and your palette room to breathe, so that you can experience taste throughout your mouth and not worry about drainage from sinuses.

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