all on four, all on 4, dental implantsWhen people are considering full dental implants for their top or bottom jaw, they often are told about All on four, which is a dental implant procedure that screws an acrylic denture permanently onto dental implants so that it cannot be removed except by a dental professional or by damage and wear. What many are not told about is a dental implants treatment called the full arch zirconia bridge. This alternative offers profound advantages over all on 4 and better utilizes the benefits of dental implants.

Issues With All on Four

All on 4 is made from the same material that dentures are made from. This is a problem because acrylic absorbs moisture and bacteria more so than natural teeth, which means that it cannot be cleaned like natural teeth. Acrylic should be removed from your mouth and cleaned in solution rather than brushed for this reason, because the underside of the acrylic that presses against your gums will need to be thoroughly and regularly washed. There will also be space between your gums and the acrylic that will be susceptible to having food caught in it, and this food debris will also need to be removed to avoid infection and decay. With all on four, the acrylic denture cannot be removed, and thus your ability to clean your teeth will be significantly hindered.

How Zirconia Works

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Zirconia is the hardest material in dentistry for making replacement teeth that look real. It’s hardness and durability is such that it will endure foods and pressure that acrylic dentures can’t. It also does not absorb moisture and bacteria like acrylic. Thus, it can be cleaned like natural teeth – by brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste! Zirconia’s firmness also means that it can be cemented to your dental implants. This means that it does not need to hang over your gums in order to ensure a good fit. Zirconia bridges will align with your gums the way that your natural teeth do, allowing your gums to breathe and allowing you to clean them thoroughly.

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