dental implant financing bad creditSo many people want the benefits of dental implants. Whether they suffer from missing teeth, broken teeth, or rampant tooth decay, those with an injured smile would gain significantly from implant treatment.  However, because of the cost of dental implants, many feel that they cannot afford this form of restorative care. Fortunately, our dental implant office in Fort Worth, TX offers dental implant financing so that you do not have to delay restoring your smile and your oral health.

Dental Implants Payment Plans

Our office, The Dental Implant Place, has focused completely on dental implants since 2007. We know as well as any practice in the country how important it is to provide dental implant financing for you. We not only lower dental implants cost by offering all phases of your treatment in one location, but we also offer a wide variety of dental implant payment plans to help you manage these costs. We even offer some plans for 0% financing, with terms as long as 24 months!

What If I Have Dental Implant Financing Bad Credit?

Don’t worry about dental implant financing bad credit! We have you covered. The Dental Implant Place offers a dental implant payment plan that uses different criteria than your credit score. This means that if you suffer from bad credit for dental implant financing, you can still qualify for implant financing that will allows you to pay for your treatment over a span of time, rather than needing to do so all at once. During your free consultation, we can sit down with you, assess your financial situation, and help you apply for the different forms of financing that we offer you, so that you can find the plan that works for your circumstances.

Call Us Today to Apply

Contact our Fort Worth office today to schedule your free consultation. Our experienced dental implants dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, can assess your needs and give you a treatment plan that will restore your smile and oral health, and our staff can help you apply for financing so that you don’t have to delay the treatment that you want.