A dental implant is a revolutionary way to replace a tooth in a way that promotes long-term tooth implants, dental implants, ft worth, tooth implant cost, dental implants price
health and provides extraordinary functionality to your mouth. It allows you to eat the foods you want to eat, speak comfortably, and smile. Because of their amazing benefits, a tooth implant can cost a lot of money. Fortunately for you, The Dental Implant Place offers dental implant financing to help you manage the cost of dental implants.

What Do Dental Implants Cost?

This is a very common question with no universal answer. The cost of dental implants will vary depending on the dental implant office you ask. Industry standards can range from 2.5-4 thousand dollars per implant, depending on your region, the dental implants dentist, and the specific needs of a patient’s particular mouth. Additionally, some implants practices charge hidden fees by charging for the individual components of a tooth implant (such as the abutment and the crown), while other dental implant offices (including the Dental Implant Place) charge an all-inclusive price per implant with no hidden fees.

What About Dental Implant Financing?

Our Ft Worth office offers a wide variety of dental implant financing plans to help you manage your tooth implants cost. Some of these plans provide 0% financing for up to 24 months! We even provide plans for sub-optimal credit scores, so if you have bad credit, don’t be afraid! The Dental Implant Place has helped many people with poor credit find a treatment plan that allows them to pay for their dental implants at a pace that they can afford, so that they don’t have to delay the life-change that they are craving in their smile.

Don’t Delay – Schedule a Free Consultation Now!

Your oral health is extremely important. Your ability to chew is invaluable. Your smile matters. Call our Fort Worth office today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown, a dental implants dentist with extraordinary experience and skill. He can help you manage the price of dental implants and show you what treatments are right for your oral health.