dentures cost, dental implants, fort worth, restorative dentistryIn dealing with tooth loss, many people turn to dentures. After all, dentures are seen as an affordable way to replace missing teeth. But while dentures cost less initially compared to restorative dentistry treatments like dental implants, they are often costly to maintain and are more likely to need replacement. They also do not sustain your oral health in the same way that dental implant care will.

Maintenance, Repairs & Replacement

Dentures are significantly more fragile than natural teeth, because they are made from acrylic, which is a type of plastic. It’s fairly common, then, for dentures to get damaged. Some of your teeth can fall off of the denture, or cracks can occur in the palette. The base of your denture can break in half, requiring you to pay for a rebase. Your denture will also likely require a reline every two years, which is when your denture is completely realigned to fit the contours of your mouth. All of these issues are not only inconvenient, painful, and costly to your time, but they will also cost money. Most expensive of all, however, is replacing the denture itself, which can commonly be required every five years. Still, even without replacement, the maintenance and repairs alone will significantly and to what your dentures cost you.

Gum and Bone Tissue Health

This is the cost of dentures that is the most unseen but arguably the most significant, and it’s part of the reality of what dentures can and cannot do. One of the most important functions of your natural teeth is performed by their roots. The roots of your teeth stimulate your jaw bone and gum tissue, which vitally contributes to your oral health and overall health. When tooth loss occurs, your bone and gum tissue are no longer being used, and this often causes them to recede and shrink from lack of use. This can cause bone loss, which can lead to premature aging, and it can even make it difficult to wear dentures due to the changes of shape in your mouth and face. This damage can be devastating and can cost a lot to fix in the form of bone grafts, and oral surgery.

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There is a more healthy, sustainable, and comfortable solution than dentures for dealing with tooth loss, and that solution is dental implants. Our Ft Worth office has completely focused on dental implant surgery since 2007 because we believe in the benefits they provide for people suffering from a missing, infected, or broken smile. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, is a world-class dental implants dentist who can provide you with a free consultation. Call us today to schedule your appointment with him and discover how a dental implant can change your life and save you from the cost of dentures.