dental implants dentist, dental implant dentist, dr steve brown, ft worth, dental implants, dental implantGetting dental implants is an advanced and delicate medical procedure – you will need a skilled and experienced dental implants dentist ft worth to place your implants and restore your smile. Dr. Steve Brown is a nationally-renowned dental implant dentist who you can trust completely with the restoration of your oral health, and his state-of-the-art dental implant office, The Dental Implant Place, focuses completely on this form of dental care.

Only Dental Implants Since 2007

Dr. Steve Brown has been serving Fort Worth, Texas since 1991. During this time, Dr. Brown practiced in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and implant dentistry. Then in 2007, he began to focus completely on dental implant dentistry, due to his passion for the treatment and his growing belief in its benefits for those with damaged smiles and missing teeth. Steve Brown DDS became The Dental Implant Place. Since this time, Dr. Brown has placed over 8000 dental implants. He is proficient in the use of every type of implant, including traditional and mini implants. His facility is one of the most technologically advanced in the United States and is capable of providing every phase of your implants treatment in one location.

The Dentist That Other Dentists Trust

Dr. Brown is the President of the American Academy of Small Diameter Implants, an organization of dentists from across the country that is dedicated to the study and use of small diameter implants. He is also the President and Lead Instructor of the Small Diameter Implant Institute, an implant training academy in the Dominican Republic that provides dentists with the experience and training they need to place implants in their offices. Dr Steve Brown has taught hundreds of dentists through these organizations in the art of implant dentistry.

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You need a dental implants dentist ft worth you can trust with your treatment. Call our practice in Fort Worth now to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown and discover what form of treatment is best for you and your smile. Be sure to ask about or dental implant financing that we offer to help you manage the cost of dental implants.