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What You Can Expect During a Dental Implants Procedure

What Happens in a Dental Implants Procedure?

Every dental implants procedure is multi-step process. While most dental offices can only handle a few steps of this procedure, The Dental Implant Place provides every step of your dental implant procedure in one location.

Step 1. The Consultation

Before you can get dental implants, you’ll need a professional to assess your needs. While most dentists are able to provide an implant consultation, many will need to refer you to another dental office to perform your measurements, extractions, and/or tooth implants. At our office, the dentist who gives you your consultation is the same dentist who will perform every one of these steps. That dentist is Dr. Steve Brown, a nationally renowned dental implants dentist who has performed thousands of dental implants procedures. Not only will you get the highest-quality consultation available, but you’ll also get it absolutely free at the Dental Implant Place.

Step 2. An X-Ray or CT Scan

In order to safely perform your dental implant procedure, a dentist will need to get a radiograph of the bone you have in your jaw. While most dental offices provide x-rays, The Dental Implant Place provides CT Scans. These are superior to x-rays because they provide a 360 degree view of your mouth, while an x-ray only shows one angle of your bone structure. In other words, a CT scan provides a far more thorough view of your oral structure, and thus is far more helpful in planning a safe dental implants procedure.

Step 3. Impressions and Measurements

Depending on what type of tooth implant procedure you’re planning on having, you may need impressions of your mouth taken in order for the dental implant dentist to measure your mouth and plan for your procedure accordingly.

Step 4. Tooth Extractions

The vast majority of oral surgeons and dentists will need to perform your tooth extractions at a separate appointment from your dental implants procedure. In fact, many can only perform one of these appointments, period. In contrast, Dr. Steve Brown can provide same day tooth extractions and dental implants for all who qualify.

Step 5. Dental Implants Procedure

While you deserve to get your temporary teeth to wear over your dental implants from the day they are placed, many oral surgeons and dentists force you to walk around with posts jutting out of your jaw for months before delivering your final set of teeth. Not us. At the Dental Implant Place, you will always walk out of your dental implant procedure with new teeth.

Step 6. Post Op Appointment

You will need to visit your dentist the day following your dental implant treatment for an evaluation. You’ll get important instructions on how to care for your implants and how to help your body heal from your treatment.

Step 7. Delivery of Your Final Teeth

After your bone and gums have bonded to your dental implants, you’ll receive your final set of teeth! In our office, we design your teeth ourselves using our very own state-of-the-art dental lab.

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