What’s a Dental Implant Denture?

tooth implants, dental implants, dental implant dentures, tooth implants dentures, dentures tooth implant, all on 4, dental implants all on 4, all on fourMany people call into our dental implant office with the same story: they’re struggling with their dentures, and they want to know if they can attach their current pair to dental implants. The answer? Maybe. But even if they’re calling a dentist skilled enough to perform this procedure (in our case, they are), and even if their denture is well-designed enough to be anchored to dental implants (it might be), they will eventually need a new set of teeth to replace the denture they’re using. That’s because traditional dentures simply aren’t designed with the frame to withstand the pressure that comes from the superior stability of teeth implants. Fortunately, a skilled dental implants office with its own dental lab can design you a new dental implant denture that is specifically designed to fit over your new tooth implants, providing drastically better stability and function than adhesives and suction.

How Implant Supported Dentures Function

In some ways, a dental implant denture function in the same way as a crown or bridge appliance. The tooth implants (small titanium rods) act as tooth roots in your jaw bone while anchoring the replacement teeth (in this case a denture) firmly in place. This is the end of the discussion in some dental offices, where an acrylic denture is permanently screwed onto your dental implants, where it can’t be removed except by a professional. This is not ideal, however, as acrylic (the material that makes up a denture) is highly absorbent of moisture and bacteria and needs to be cleaned by being soaked in solution. This means a denture needs to be removed, whether its anchored to dental implants or not. Fortunately at The Dental Implant Place, we design your dental implant denture to snap on and off of your dental implants, so that you can remove them, brush them on all sides, and soak them in solution.

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