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Getting dental implants is always a multi step process that will at least include a consultation, x-ray, implant placement, crown or bridge delivery, and post op appointments. There may also be additional stages: impressions and extractions, for instance, are often needed. It’s therefore important that you understand the basics of each of these services, and that you choose an office that can provide all of them in one place. Fortunately, The Dental Implant Place handles every step of the tooth implant process in one office. Not only that, but our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, can perform your extractions, place your dental implants, and give you new teeth all in the same day!

Consultation, CT Scan, and Treatment Plan

At our office, we offer a free consultation in the same appointment as a CT scan. Dr. Steve Brown will create your treatment plan from his assessments of your needs and give it to you in the same visit! Many dentists and oral surgeons aren’t able to provide all of these steps themselves and will have to refer you to another dentist or prosthodontist for help in making your treatment plan for your tooth implant process. Many dentists and oral surgeons also don’t provide CT Scans (which provide a 360 view of your mouth) and only offer x-rays. CT scans offer an increase in the predictability of your surgery that x-rays can’t, and so they are always preferable when making a treatment plan. A CT scan is a $100 surcharge.


Depending on the type of tooth implant surgery you’ll be undergoing, our dental implant office may or may not need impressions of your mouth. Single tooth implant surgery, for instance, sometimes doesn’t require an impression in the tooth implant process. Many times, The Dental Implant Place can get your initial impressions in the same appointment as your consultation and CT scans.

Same Day Extractions and Dental Implants

Most dentists and oral surgeons can’t give you same day dental implants and extractions. However, Dr. Brown regularly provides this treatment for his patients in our dental implant office. Please note that not all patients qualify for same day extractions and implants. To get your implants and extractions in the same day, you will need to have bone and gum tissue healthy enough for the procedure.

New Teeth in One Day

At our office, you’re guaranteed to get new teeth the same day as your dental implants! The tooth implant process is rarely so convenient anywhere else. Most dental offices will require you to live your life with your implants jutting out of your gums for weeks or months.

Post Operative Checkup

You will need to visit The Dental Implant Place the day after your dental implant surgery for a post operative check up with Dr. Brown. He will ensure that your bone and gum tissue are healing properly.

Delivery of Your Final Teeth

Your bone and gum tissue will need time to adjust to your dental implants, which will be acting as new tooth roots. The time period required for this can range anywhere from 6 weeks to several months depending on your procedure and your oral health. Once your bone and gum tissue have fully adjusted, you will receive your final set of teeth. These will be custom designed for you in our in house dental lab!

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