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Dental implants are a huge investment, and not something you want to have to re-do. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about dental implants in general, and trying to figure out the essentials when searching for a provider can be difficult and frustrating. Here is a list of criteria you can use when searching for a quality dental implant dentist.

Make sure the office handles every step of the process.

A lot of dentists and oral surgeons can only perform certain steps of your dental implant treatment. For instance, they may be able to give you a consultation and CT Scan, but they may not be able to perform your extractions. They may be able to perform your extractions and place your implants, but they may not be able to deliver your prosthetic for you (this would be the crown, bridge, or denture that your dental implant will hold in place). Not only does it cost you extra money when you have to go to multiple dental offices for one procedure, but it can be very inconvenient and can make the process take much longer than it needs to. Find an office that can perform every step of your procedure.

Your dentist should have a lot of experience with dental implants.

Your regular general dentist may offer dental implants in their practice. But does that person do this often? How many cases have they performed? How did they learn how to place implants? Offices that don’t focus on dental implants may not be the best place to get them. After all, its a very specific type of treatment, and being a dentist doesn’t qualify one to place implants any more than being a physician qualifies someone to perform open heart surgery. It’s a requirement for sure, but far from the only requirement. General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practices spend a lot of their time on things like cleanings, veneers, and fillings. These procedures are nothing like dental implants, and time spent on them is time not spent on dental implant surgery. The dentist performing your case should have done this thousands of times.

Your dentist should place every type of dental implant.

Not only should the dentist you choose have placed a lot of dental implants, but they should also offer different types of dental implants. Tooth implants come in a variety of different sizes because people have different needs. If you suffer from bone loss, you should probably get mini implants, instead of traditional implants with a wide diameter. If you have really healthy bone, you may still require a a small diameter implant with less than 3mm in width, instead of one twice that size. Then again, you may be best off with a 6mm implant if your bone can take it. How will you know if your dentist isn’t skilled with all types? Because that’s the point, really. Dentists who only place traditional implants are essentially limiting their practice to only offer the best solution to a limited group of people, and if you go to an office like that, you’re limiting yourself to what may be a bad solution for you.

The office should use the best materials for your prosthetic.

A lot of offices offer something called All on 4. This is essentially a full arch bridge that’s anchored by 4 dental implants and meant to replace all of your teeth on your lower or upper jaw. There are intrinsic problems with this procedure (your arch may well require more than 4 tooth implants), but the problems are compounded when a dental office makes a permanent (i.e. fixed) bridge out of acrylic. Acrylic is the material that is used to make a denture. It’s not that a denture can’t be successfully anchored by teeth implants – in fact, implant supported dentures can be a more-affordable and acceptable alternative to a fixed implants. However, the acrylic prosthetic must be designed so that it can be removed by the wearer. This is because acrylic is absorbent, which means it must be brushed and rinsed in solution in order to keep bacteria and moisture from accumulating on it. Therefore, if the dental office you’re looking at doesn’t make its bridges and crowns from zirconia, find one that does.

Financing should be available.

If a practice doesn’t offer dental implants financing in this day and age, move on and find one that does. Really, they should offer multiple financing options: some for those with subpar credit scores, 0% financing for those with great credit scores, etc.

The cost of dental implants should be affordable, but you don’t want the cheapest in town.

You may be wondering what tooth implants cost because you want the lowest price in town. But cheapest dental implants are not always the best dental implants. After all, shopping for a dental office isn’t the same as shopping in retail. You can get the exact same flatscreen from Best Buy as you can from Target, so if both are on the same street and one can offer it for less, there’d be no reason to go for the higher cost. However, this principle doesn’t apply to complex medical procedures, so going to Office A because it’ll do your implants for one hundred bucks less than Office B would be silly. Moreover, your oral health and the beauty of your smile are not things you should bargain shop for. So if you see an office offering a tooth implant for, say, one thousand dollars, you should be asking some serious questions, because it’s likely that the office is A) hiding a lot of hidden fees, B) very unprofessional, or C) both. So by all means take cost into account, but don’t make pricing your sole criteria, either.

Our office meets all of these criteria and then some. Give us a call today!

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