With dental implants, you can eat the candy you want!

But that doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Your oral health is vital to your overall health, and as long-lasting as dental implants can be, you still need to care for them. If you have dental implants, you This Halloween make sure to follow the necessary steps for dental implant care so that you can get the most out of your implants.

Pace Yourself With Sugar – Don’t Binge

Remember, bacteria really like sugar. When they feast on the sugar you eat, it leaves your mouth open to decay, gum disease, and oral infection. Therefore, it’s important for your dental implant care that you space out your sugar intake. Instead of eating several pieces of candy throughout the day, eat your candy at singular points. One or two pieces alongside a meal is probably the best time. Then, after you’ve enjoyed yourself, rinse your mouth out and brush your implants, gums, and the rest of your teeth. Do this within a half hour of eating your sugar. Also, drink water, and plenty of it. Water naturally cleans your mouth out, and drinking it with your candy can do wonders for the longevity of your dental implants.

Be Careful With Sticky Candies

The trouble with taffies and other candies of the sort is that they can put unusual strain on your implants restorations – your dental crowns and bridges. In fact, given the right circumstances, sticky candy can even dislodge your new teeth. The best practice is to avoid foods like these.

Brush Your Zirconia Crowns and Bridges After You Eat Your Candy…

Sugar is related to decay, so the less time you let it sit on your teeth, the better. This goes for your new teeth as well. So, after you’ve enjoyed your candy, be sure to brush your teeth! If you have dental implant dentures, let them soak in your solution and wash your mouth with alcohol-free wash!

…But If You Eat Acidic Candy, Don’t Brush for 30 Minutes

If you think candy is bad for your teeth, consider sour candy. Sour candy is especially bad for your teeth. Their low ph level makes these candies only slightly better for your teeth than battery acid. Because of their high acidity, don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating these – it could do further harm to your enamel. Or, better yet, just don’t eat sour candy.

Got Questions About What Your Dental Implants Can Do?

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