full dental implants cost, cost of full dental implants, full dental implants, dental implants cost, dental implant cost, full dental implant, full dental implant cost, full mouth dental implants, full mouth dental implants cost“Full dental implants cost too much,” you might be thinking.

You wouldn’t be the first. After all, many people are inclined to think of any dental care as less-than-worth the investment, much less a dental implant.

And yet, dental care is vital to your overall health. When your oral health declines, your body (along with your quality of life) tends to decline with it. Toothlessness isn’t just inconvenient – it’s dangerous. Missing teeth can cause bone deterioration in your jaw and face, receding gums, and increased chances of acute oral infection. We could go on, but the point is that many people think about monetary cost and dental care backwards. It’s often not full dental implants cost that you should be worried about: it’s the cost of not having implants.

“But exactly how much do full dental implants cost?”

Good question! It will require a multilayered answer, but bear with us and we’ll give you a pretty clear picture. First, you need to understand that full dental implants cost will vary from office to office. Second, you need to understand that quality of care does not necessarily increase with price. Third, as with most medical procedures, the lowest price in town should be treated with some scrutiny. The more complex the healthcare, the less you should be bargain shopping. Fourth, cost-of-living will play a factor in your dental implants cost. Full dental implants in NYC will likely cost you more than the same procedure would in Weatherford, TX. Lastly, one must bear in mind that there is more than one type of full dental implants treatment. Let’s tackle each of these 5 principles one-at-a-time.

1. Dental implant Pricing from Office to Office

There isn’t one type of dental implant dentist. General dentists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals of various specialties can and do place dental implants in their practices. There is also the fact that there is more than one type of dental office. Some offices focus mostly on general dentistry. Others may provide general dental care while preferring to perform cosmetic dentistry like crowns and veneers. Oral surgeons often perform no general or cosmetic dentistry whatsoever. Then there’s the reality of corporate dental offices – nationwide chains with multiple locations across state lines. Is there any wonder that full dental implants cost could vary drastically from place to place? In such a market, you could find full dental implants cost advertised for as low $5k for a single arch or as high as $60k for both upper and lower arches (both these price examples, by the way, are very extreme and should be met with suspicion).

2. High Cost = Higher Quality Care?

Like many misconceptions, there is truth in the idea above. It should never be assumed that the overall quality of a dental procedure will be the same no matter what office you go to. This is obviously not true, since not all dentists and oral surgeons are good at what they do. It’s this mentality that mostly drives bargain shopping. However, the contrary bias is the idea that high pricing is a guarantee of high quality. This bias is as untrue as the other. An office with drastically lower full dental implants cost than others in the area should be investigated carefully, but so should the office that charges drastically more. Corporate dental chains and oral surgeons are usually the offices most guilty of overcharging for dental implants. Corporate chains bet on their brand recognition and marketing to build extra trust, and will therefore often charge significantly more than local dentists. Oral surgeons, meanwhile, will leverage their additional degree as justification for higher pricing, though oral surgery education in the United States rarely includes significant (if any) training in dental implant placement.

3. The Danger of Bargain Shopping

Folks, this is your mouth. An investment like full dental implants goes beyond money. It’s your smile, your comfort in chewing, and your ability to speak that will be affected by your dental implant treatment. When choosing a provider, do you really want to boil down your selection criteria to the cheapest cost? This would neglect the experience of the dentist, their reputation, the capabilities of the office, and other essential factors to consider.

4. Regional Price Differences

Some of you may roll your eyes at this one, but here’s why it’s important. When you’re dealing with a procedure this important, you may want to consider traveling to a different city. We’ve had patients travel from Houston, Oklahoma, and even Florida to get their dental implants placed in our office in Fort Worth, TX, because our doctor, capabilities and reputation are that significant. Moreover, our full dental implants cost have actually been favorable to many of our patients who come from out of town when compared with the offices that were closer to them. So while this point may not immediately resonate like the others, we’d be remiss not to mention it.

5. Multiple Versions of Full Dental Implants

Finally, you must bear in mind that full dental implants cost can fluctuate because of the different methods available for that service. Some offices advertise all on 4 as their full dental implants solution. Others gravitate more towards dental implants and zirconia bridges. Still others will tout removable, implant supported dentures that you can snap on and off of your implants. For the record, The Dental Implant Place offers zirconia bridges as our “fixed” full dental implants solution (they don’t come off and feel like natural teeth) while also offering implant supported dentures as a more affordable option.

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