dental implants, dental insurance, does insurance cover implants, ft worth dental implants, dental implants fort worth“When does dental insurance cover implants?”

It’s often assumed that dental insurance covers dental insurance. This is a fair assumption. After all, the main reason most people pay for dental insurance is because they want to be protected from bills for larger dental procedures. But does dental insurance cover dental implants? Sometimes. But often not. In fact, most dental insurance plans don’t cover dental implants at all. Fortunately, there are other resources you can utilize in order to help you with the cost of dental implants. We’ll cover those at the end of this post. For now, we’re going to elaborate on this question about dental insurance and dental implants, because it’s one of the most common things we discuss with our new patients. We’ll do this by answering the most common questions we get surrounding dental insurance in general.

“Does dental insurance cover implants at all?”

Most of the time, no. Most dental insurance plans simply have nothing included in them to cover dental implants. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between. To give you some idea on how little dental insurance tends to help with dental implants cost, we’ll provide a n anecdote. Our office has been placing dental implants for close to 15 years. For 10 of those years, we have been a dental implants office exclusively, providing only implants and restorative care. Out of the thousands of patients we’ve had in that time, maybe 5 have received help from their insurance in covering their dental implants. Again, this is an anecdote. We’re one office in one part of the country. But we are also an office with a nationally-recognized dentist, one who teaches implant dentistry to other dentists from across the United States. We talk with a lot of other dental offices from all over the map, and when the subject of insurance comes up, we learn that our experience is shared.

“Will dental insurance help with my treatment at all?”

From what we’ve seen, sometimes your dental insurance will cover your CT Scan. Less often, but still sometimes, your insurance will help you cover the cost of your extractions (should you need extractions). However, rarely will your dental insurance do anything other than discount the cost of your extractions. If you already have dental insurance, it’s worth it to file a claim with them on all of the procedures you’ve received in your dental implants treatment. However, don’t expect your insurance company to significantly contribute to your care.

“Is there any point in having dental insurance?”

There could be. But it’s pretty common for people to pay more for their dental insurance premiums than they ever end up paying for their actual dental care. Does dental insurance cover implants is the main question we’re concerned with here, and as we’ve pointed out, the answer is usually no.

“What should I do if I want dental implants, then?”

Our office offers a variety of dental implants financing plans. Some of those plans even offer 0% financing for dental implants. Moreover, the best way to save money with dental implants is to ensure their quality. Our office has focused completely on dental implants for over a decade. Dr. Steve Brown has placed approximately 10 thousand dental implants. We focus on minimally invasive surgery so that you experience less pain, faster healing time, and less likelihood of infection. There is no dental office in Texas that provides higher dental implant quality than The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth.

“How do I schedule a dental implants consultation?”

Call 817-560-0414 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown. It will be well-worth your time. We’ll even help you file a claim to your dental insurance company to help you get reimbursed directly. Visit our office and discover just how much your life can change with high-quality dental implants.