After dealing with tooth loss for a while, the biggest concern you might have with restoring your smile is finding a tooth replacement option that looks realistic. In many cases, dental implants offer that solution by giving your prosthetic bridge or denture a more lifelike support system (implanted roots). At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we suggest replacing lost teeth with dental implants not only for their realistic appearance, but also for the significant benefits they offer. For example, not only do they mimic your healthy teeth to restore your smile better, they also help you prevent a lot of the issues that usually result from the loss of your teeth roots.

More severe tooth loss

One of the biggest impacts of tooth loss is something you don’t see immediately – your jawbone’s reaction to it. Healthy, natural teeth roots are responsible for stimulating your jawbone when you bite and chew. This signals your body that it has teeth to support, so your body sends it an adequate amount of minerals and nutrients to do so. Without that stimulation, your jawbone grows weaker over time, making it more likely that you’ll lose more teeth in the future. However, by replacing your lost teeth roots with dental implants, you can reestablish its vital supply of nutrients and prevent it from growing too weak to retain the rest of your healthy teeth.

Problems with your jaw

The loss of your teeth and their roots doesn’t just affect your jawbone, it also affects how well your bite functions, which largely relies on your jaw’s joints and muscles. Every time your jaw moves, your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and jaw muscles must move together smoothly. Otherwise, the strain and stress can lead to several different problems with your jaw and bite function, such as TMJ disorder and a host of relevant chronic aches and pains in your jaw.

The collapse of your facial features

Jawbone erosion, or the loss of its mass and density, begins to have a visual impact the longer it’s left unaddressed. One of the more prominent effects is the appearance of your surrounding facial structures, which can seem to collapse as the jawbone grows less supportive. Dental implants can help prevent this by addressing the underlying causes of it while restoring your smile’s overall health and appearance.

What can implants help you prevent?

Give your smile more than just a new look – give it a set of realistic replacement teeth that help you preserve your healthy, natural smile better. To schedule a free consultation, call The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.