Losing a tooth is a big deal, but many people don’t realize that time is of the essence when it comes to replacing it. They want time to get used to the idea of having lost a tooth and, now, needing to replace it, and that time can often extend for months or years before they make the decision. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we help patients understand the consequences of losing a tooth and why they should replace it with a dental implant as soon as possible.

The effect beyond your smile’s appearance

Getting used to how your smile looks without a tooth can be challenging, but the rest of your oral structures will have an even tougher time adjusting to the loss. Besides your smile’s appearance, tooth loss also impacts everything from the balance of your bite to the health and integrity of your jawbone and remaining teeth. As you grow accustomed to the look, your jawbone will grow accustomed to the reduced stimulation, which means losing mass and density. Your remaining teeth will adapt by shifting toward the balance as it tries to take up the slack in pressure when you bite and chew.

How a dental implant addresses this

The best way to preserve your smile and oral structures following tooth loss is to replace as much of your lost tooth’s structure as possible, including its root. The only way to accomplish that is with the help of a dental implant, which is a biocompatible post that’s inserted into your jawbone. Dental implants are designed for your jawbone to fuse to them, securing them in place with nearly as much stability as your healthy, natural teeth roots. This offers the dual benefits of giving your replacement tooth significantly enhanced comfort and stability, and giving your jawbone the stimulation it lost when the natural tooth was uprooted.

Why you shouldn’t hesitate to replace it

The longer you wait to replace a lost tooth, the more serious its effects will be. Your teeth will continue to shift further out of alignment; some may be become worn or damaged due to the uneven bite pressure; and your jawbone will continue to lose mass and density from the lack of stimulation. To mitigate these effects and make restoring your smile less complicated, we advise replacing your lost tooth with a dental implant as soon as possible after losing it.

Replace your lost tooth with our help

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, then now is the best time to replace it with a highly lifelike dental implant and restoration. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.