Month: August 2019

Dental Issues that Implants Can Prevent

After dealing with tooth loss for a while, the biggest concern you might have with restoring your smile is finding a tooth replacement option that looks realistic. In many cases, dental implants offer that solution by giving your prosthetic bridge or denture a more lifelike support system (implanted roots). At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental… Read more »

A Look at What Dental Implants Really Accomplish

Most people who’ve lost teeth and are looking for a way to rebuild their smiles have at least heard of dental implants. Though relatively new to the world of prosthetic dentistry, the prosthetic teeth root replacements have enjoyed a more than 90% success rate in smile restoration. However, for some people, implants can seem like… Read more »

What Changes When a Bridge or Denture Is On Implants?

Dental implant posts are designed to mimic the structures of your healthy teeth – particularly, their roots. Their greatest benefit is that you don’t notice them, which might not always be the case with traditional dental bridges and dentures. By giving your replacement teeth a more natural, root-like support system, dental implants can change your… Read more »

Placing and Restoring Dental Implants the Same Day

Dental implants have been one of the most popular ways for replacing lost teeth for several decades now, and the process of placing them has evolved in a lot of ways. For example, traditionally, it often meant visiting your dentist for your initial consultation, then a different office for a specialist to place your implants,… Read more »

How to Know if Implants Are a Good Idea for You

After experiencing tooth loss, rebuilding your smile is always a good idea. Otherwise, the effects of the loss will continue to grow worse and have an increasingly more negative impact on your smile. For many tooth loss patients, dental implants are the best way to rebuild their smiles and halt or prevent those effects. At… Read more »

3 Tips to Make Your Dental Implant Posts Last for Life

When your smile needs to be restored, the best way to do it is to mimic your healthy tooth structure as closely as possible. That’s what makes dental implants one of the most comprehensive tooth replacement solutions. Not only can they restore the visible parts of your teeth, but also the roots that rested within… Read more »

You Might Qualify for Implants, Even if You Don’t Think So

These days, most patients who lose one or more teeth can benefit the most from replacing them with dental implants. As the only solution to address the loss of healthy, natural teeth roots, dental implants are able to restore and preserve smiles more effectively than more conventional tooth replacement options. At our Ft. Worth, TX,… Read more »

Answers to Common Dental Implant Questions

The good news about modern prosthetic dentistry is that you have a wide range of options for addressing your specific case of tooth loss with optimal results. In many cases, however, the most effective way to rebuild your smile is to replace your lost teeth with dental implants, which offer the comfort and support of… Read more »

Why You Can’t Get Implants with Untreated Gum Disease

After losing one or more teeth, most people are viable candidates for replacing them with an appropriate number of dental implants. However, that candidacy depends on a number of different factors, such as what caused you to lose teeth in the first place. For example, because gum disease is the most common cause of tooth… Read more »

3 Things to Check Before Getting Dental Implants

Enjoying your new smile thanks to dental implants is exciting. Even if you’ve experienced extensive tooth loss, the right number of dental implant posts can effectively restore and rebuild your smile. However, before you receive your dental implant posts at our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we’ll ensure that the procedure will be a success by… Read more »