After replacing their lost teeth with a conventional dental bridge or denture, patients can enjoy a number of benefits. They can smile confidently again and eat a wider variety of foods with a full set of teeth. However, something may still seem slightly “off” about a bridge or denture. Compared to your healthy, natural teeth, they may not feel as comfortable or secure along your dental ridge. At our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we can help correct that feeling by supporting an appropriate bridge or denture on one or more dental implants.

They make sure your new teeth stay put

The advanced technology and materials used to create today’s bridges and dentures help ensure a highly cosmetic result. Prostheses made from lifelike materials like zirconium and porcelain can closely mimic the color, shade, and shine of your healthy tooth structure, making them almost indistinguishable from the rest of your smile. Yet, the support systems they use, such as abutment teeth and hidden clasps, can sometimes allow the prosthesis to grow loose. With dental implants, your new teeth will never shift or slide out of place uncomfortably due to the way your implants anchor it in place.

They make sure your jawbone stays nourished

There’s more to your smile than your teeth, and losing a tooth affects more than you might realize. For example, your jawbone relies on ample nutrition to support itself and the teeth that it carries. Your body knows just how many minerals and nutrients to send it depending on how many teeth are present and need them. It knows this based on the level of stimulation in your jaw when you bite and chew. By replacing lost teeth roots, dental implants help you maintain this stimulation, and therefore, ensure that your jawbone remains well-nourished long afterward.

They make sure your smile is highly lifelike

At our office, we help ensure the new life of your smile by offering more than just lifelike implants to replace their roots. Our custom dental implant services also include creating high-quality, full-arch zirconia bridges that offer the most realistic tooth replacement results. Zirconia is often nearly indistinguishable from your healthy, natural tooth structure, and when supported on dental implants, your zirconia bridge can offer the most beneficial option for rebuilding your smile.

Enjoy a new smile with dental implants

Losing one or more teeth can be devastating, but with one or more dental implant posts, you can bring life back to your smile. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.