At our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we get a lot of different questions from patients regarding dental implants and their ability to replace missing teeth. For example, because tooth loss occurs differently for everyone, one of the most common questions we receive is, what kind of restorations do dental implants support? The answer is always good news – because each implant post is designed and placed individually, we can design your tooth replacement using an appropriate number of implant posts to support any size restoration. This allows implants to replace any number of missing teeth, helping more patients enjoy the benefits of a fully restored smile.

A dental crown to replace a single tooth

If you’ve lost a single tooth, then a dental implant and crown may offer the most lifelike replacement for it. Compared to a dental bridge, which is the traditional solution for replacing a lost tooth, an implant-supported crown doesn’t require the support of nearby teeth. That means it helps you preserve more of your remaining healthy tooth structure as well as providing a more complete and lifelike replica of your natural tooth and root. Together, these benefits mean a more realistic, stable, and comfortable tooth replacement, and better long-term health for the rest of your teeth.

A dental bridge to close a larger gap

If you’ve lost multiple adjacent teeth, then a dental bridge may still be the optimal solution. However, by utilizing one or more dental implant posts to support the restoration, we can design and place your dental bridge without having to modify your healthy teeth to support it. In addition to avoiding modifications to your healthy teeth, dental implant posts offer greater stability for your bridge by mimicking the way your healthy teeth roots support your teeth.

A denture to completely rebuild your smile

Patients who’ve lost all of their teeth on the upper or lower dental ridges often worry the most about whether dental implants will work to restore their smiles. Supporting a complete denture takes more dental implant posts than any other restoration, and the process of receiving and restoring them can seem daunting. However, using small-diameter dental implant posts, we can make supporting a full denture on implants easier to accomplish for many patients, allowing them to fully enjoy the benefits of an implant-supported restoration.

Benefit from a dental implant restoration

Whether you’ve lost one, several, or all of your teeth, the right number of dental implants can support whatever size restoration you need. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.