After experiencing tooth loss, replacing your lost teeth with dental implants can give your smile new life in several important ways. Like most dental prostheses, your restoration will help reestablish your smile’s healthy, youthful appearance. However, with the support of implant posts, it can also reestablish many other vital functions (like stimulation in your jawbone) that traditional solutions can’t address. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we can help many patients enjoy their new, implant-supported smiles sooner with our New Teeth in One Day.

What makes same-day implants different?

Dental implants are placed within your jawbone in order to replace the roots of one or more lost teeth. This process requires carefully planning and placing your implant posts in optimal positions, then allowing your jawbone to fuse to the posts as it heals. With traditional implants, you have to wait until this process is completed before your restoration can be secured to the implant posts, which may take up to 4-6 months. However, with same-day dental implants, we can craft a custom-designed, durable temporary restoration that allows us to restore your smile in just one day.

Will the temporary restoration last long enough?

Placing and restoring your dental implants all in one day offers several advantages for restoring your smile, including enjoying your new smile much sooner. These advantages are due largely to the quality of the temporary restoration that we’re able to craft onsite using advanced technology and our in-house lab. Using digital CAD/CAM technology, which includes digital imaging and 3D printing capabilities, we can custom-design and craft your temporary restoration from the same durable, lifelike PMMA material that many offices use for permanent restorations. This means you can leave the office the same day with a high-quality restoration that will last more than long enough as your jawbone heals.

What if I choose to keep my same-day restoration?

The digital technology and advanced materials we use to create temporary, same-day implant restorations are of such a high quality that many of our patients choose to keep them in place, even after their permanent ones have been crafted. Thanks to its quality, your restoration will last for as long as you choose to keep it, and we’ll retain your permanent one for whenever you choose to have it placed.

Learn more about New Teeth in One Day

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