For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants can often be a key to restoring their healthy, attractive smiles and quality of life. As an innovative support system for a custom-designed dental crown, bridge, or denture, dental implants are made to mimic the roots of your natural teeth. This means they do more for your smile and oral health than traditional dental prostheses are able to, creating a truly lifelike restoration to rebuild your smile. At our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we can help you enjoy these advantages by customizing your dental implants and restoration using extensive experience and an array of advanced technologies.

Enjoying the foods you love

The ability to comfortably bite and chew the foods they love is one of the greatest benefits patients experience with their dental implants. While traditional restorations are usually stable enough to restore some of your bite function, you may still have to modify your diet to avoid especially hard or difficult to chew foods in order to avoid damaging your restoration. With dental implants, however, your restoration has a much higher level of stability and security – one that’s more comparable to your healthy, natural teeth roots. The implanted, root-like posts give your crown, bridge, or denture the support it needs to successfully bite and chew all of your favorite foods.

Smiling and speaking with confidence

One of the most important benefits of any tooth replacement option is that it restores your smile’s appearance from the visible effects of tooth loss. This impact can have a negative influence on your self-confidence, and filling out your smile is the best way to mitigate it. However, traditional prostheses may still shift and move unnaturally when you speak or smile, giving away their presence. By contrast, implant-supported replacement teeth are anchored in place by their dental implant posts, which hold your restoration securely to your dental ridge. This means you can speak, smile, and interact with others with a higher level of confidence.

Keeping your smile healthy

In addition to their function and appearance, dental implants also provide another significant advantage to the patients who wear them. By mimicking your healthy, natural tooth structures, including the roots embedded within your jawbone, dental implant restorations are much simpler to care for than their more conventional counterparts. There are clasps or abutment teeth to clean around, and sticking to a routine of good hygiene and regular preventive dental care will go a long way in helping you preserve your smile for life.

Learn more about dental implants

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