Month: December 2019

Tips to Avoid Tooth Loss and the Need for Implants

With the advanced state of dental health care today, tooth loss isn’t always such a disastrous occurrence for your smile as it used to be. For example, the rates of adult tooth loss have fallen over the years, and the quality of treatments to address it have, as well. From understanding the many different causes… Read more »

What Qualifying for Dental Implants Means

The more you hear about dental implants, the more obvious the benefits are when it comes to rebuilding your smile. After losing one or more teeth, the many different consequences of the loss can have a dramatic impact on nearly aspect of your oral health. Much of these effects involve the loss of your teeth… Read more »

How Your Smile Actually Benefits from Dental Implants

Of the many different benefits that come with replacing lost teeth with dental implants, choosing which is the most important isn’t easy. It largely depends on what concerns you most about your missing teeth, such as the appearance of your smile or your ability to bite and chew properly. However, some of the benefits of… Read more »

Dental Implants – For Lost and Extracted Teeth

A tooth can go missing for several reasons, but in the broadest categories, it’s either lost or extracted. That means the tooth was uprooted before you could see your dentist (tooth loss), or it’s become so compromised that it has to come out for the good of your smile (tooth extraction). In either case, the… Read more »

Options for Dental Implants When Your Jawbone Is Weak

Depending on the specific reason why you’ve experienced tooth loss, part of your condition may include some loss of your jawbone’s mass and density. For example, severe gum disease, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, involves the erosion of your jawbone structure as well as your gum tissues. Even if you don’t… Read more »

Important Considerations About Tooth Extraction

Restoring your smile’s health and appearance can mean many things, depending on its specific needs. However, the goal of any smile restoration is typically to help you preserve as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. Sometimes, however, the good of your entire oral health can be threatened by a tooth that is too compromised… Read more »

A Few Things that Can lead to Tooth Loss

When you believe that tooth loss is inevitable, you may be more likely to miss the chances you get to prevent it. In many cases, tooth loss is the result of a chronic dental health condition, like gum disease, that has been allowed to progress too far. With the exception of things like accidental trauma… Read more »

Important Notes About Caring for Dental Implants

The effects of tooth loss go far beyond the things that you immediately notice, and include the consequences of losing the support and stimulation of your healthy, natural teeth roots. However, even after replacing your lost teeth and their roots with dental implants, you’ll have to consider the loss when taking care of your oral… Read more »

Enjoy Your New Smile Faster with Same-Day Implants

After experiencing tooth loss and deciding to replace their lost teeth with dental implants, many people can become anxious to receive and begin enjoying their new smiles. However, traditionally, restoring your smile with dental implants meant waiting for several months after the implants have been placed before receiving your restoration. Today, that wait is no… Read more »

What’s Your Reason for Choosing Dental Implants?

There are many definitive reasons why replacing lost teeth with dental implants is an objectively better choice for many tooth loss patients. However, everyone’s smile is unique, and so are their motivations for seeking to rebuild their smiles after losing teeth. For some, they wish mostly to restore the confidence they once had in their… Read more »