In many cases, the sooner you seek treatment for a particular issue with your oral health, the better chance you have of saving it and your healthy, natural teeth. However, whether its from inattention and procrastination, or because an emergency has created an immediately severe problem, saving a tooth isn’t always possible. There are some situations when extracting a tooth that poses a threat to your oral health and replacing it with a custom implant restoration is the most appropriate solution for restoring your smile. Today, we take a look at just a few of these situations, and why tooth extraction is the best option for them.

1. Your tooth’s restoration has failed.

Modern dental restorations, like fillings, crowns, and root canals, are effective and advanced enough to address even severe tooth concerns. With the right restoration, you can fix a damaged tooth and restore its strength, or remove infection from your tooth and rebuild its compromised structure. However, if the restoration fails, then the underlying problem can quickly grow worse by the time you realize it and visit your dentist. If it has grown damaged or decayed severely enough, then the only remaining option may be to extract what’s left of your tooth’s structure and replace it with a dental implant.

2. Your tooth is too damaged to receive a restoration.

In cases of severe dental emergencies, or when patients wait too long to treat a compromised tooth, the tooth may be too weak or damaged to receive a restoration in the first place. Rather than waiting for the tooth to fall out on its own, which will only allow the problem to grow worse, removing and replacing the tooth as soon as possible may be the preferable option. Before deciding, we’ll perform a thorough examination of your teeth and oral health to ensure that removing the tooth is the best option.

3. Your tooth’s root is damaged, which can’t be restored.

Some forms of tooth damage can’t be restored because of their severity, such as an extremely fractured or broken tooth crown. In some cases, however, the damage is simply irreparable regardless of its extent, such as if your tooth’s root fractures or break. Even a seemingly minor fracture can’t be fixed, and will become more severe as time goes by. So will the discomfort the damaged root will cause and the potential for subsequent complications with your oral health until you extract it and replace it with a viable restoration.

Learn about same-day tooth extraction

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