Rebuilding smiles after they’ve experienced tooth loss is an important part of modern dental care. Despite huge leaps forward in preventive and general dental care, tooth loss still remains a problem for a significant percentage of people. Given the many important roles that your teeth and their roots have in your overall oral health, replacing lost or missing teeth is essential to preserving a healthy, natural smile. In fact, the more teeth you’ve lost or have had extracted, the more beneficial dental implants can be for preserving and protecting your smile for life.

The consequences of severe tooth loss

Losing even a single tooth can have profound consequences for your oral health. The appearance of your smile may be one of the most notable of these consequences, but there’s also the absence of the tooth’s root within your jawbone, which can lead to a wide range of more complicated oral health issues down the road. For instance, every tooth lost reduces stimulation in your jawbone, which results in a diminished flow of nutrients to it. The more teeth you lose, the further this stimulation is reduced, and the fewer minerals and nutrients your body will send your jawbone.

What dental implants can do for you

Many people already recognize the benefits of replacing one or a few lost teeth with dental implants. The small, root-like posts can offer a replacement dental crown or bridge a more advanced level of comfort and support by mimicking your lost teeth roots. However, that same support is even more profound when you rely on a complete denture to rebuild an entire dental ridge of missing teeth. Implants will not only hold your denture more securely in place, but also restore the significant amount of stimulation that your jawbone has lost along with your missing teeth roots.

Do you qualify for dental implants?

For patients who’ve experienced severe tooth loss, one of the biggest questions they may have about dental implants is whether or not they qualify for them. Receiving implant posts requires oral surgery, as each post must be strategically placed within your jawbone to support your custom restoration. However, at our office, we can make implant placement and complete smile restoration more convenient and comfortable using minimally invasive dental implant techniques. This helps more patients qualify for dental implant placement and the many different benefits that it can provide.

Address severe tooth loss with dental implants

The more teeth you’ve lost, the more important it is to your oral health that you replace them with lifelike dental implants. For more information, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.