Of the many different benefits that come with replacing lost teeth with dental implants, choosing which is the most important isn’t easy. It largely depends on what concerns you most about your missing teeth, such as the appearance of your smile or your ability to bite and chew properly. However, some of the benefits of dental implants have a bigger impact on your long-term oral health than others. With the goal of restoring and preserving your healthy smile, these are the most impactful advantages that come with the replacing the roots of your lost teeth with dental implants.

Your replacement teeth come with roots

The one thing dental implants do that more traditional replacement teeth can’t do is address the loss of your teeth roots. The biocompatible posts are implanted into your jawbone, in the empty space where your teeth roots once rested. They’re designed to offer similar support for your replacement teeth that roots provide your healthy, natural teeth, giving them a much higher level of comfort and stability. By giving your restoration a system of prosthetic roots, dental implants help make your restoration significantly more lifelike, and address some of the more serious long-term consequences of losing teeth.

Your jawbone regains the stimulation it needs

Giving your replacement teeth one or more prosthetic roots is the basis for many of dental implants’ greatest benefits, and not only for the support of your replacement teeth. For example, your teeth roots are also a vital part of your jawbone’s health and integrity. They stimulate your jawbone in order to signal your body that it needs enough nutrients to support your teeth. Losing teeth roots tells your body that your jawbone has fewer teeth to support, and therefore, it will send fewer minerals and nutrients. However, with dental implants, you can reestablish the stimulation that was lost and help maintain your jawbone’s vital nutrient flow.

You have a better chance at keeping the rest of your teeth

Your jawbone doesn’t just give all of its minerals and nutrients to your healthy teeth. It also requires enough for itself, and after losing teeth roots, your jawbone can gradually lose mass and density from the diminished flow of nutrients. Replacing the roots and reestablishing this stimulation helps ensure that your jawbone remains strong and healthy long after your tooth loss. This also reduces your risks of suffering further tooth loss due to a continuously weakened jawbone.

Learn more about benefiting from dental implants

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